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The Kid Trotter is an innovative, fun, upbeat travel video series focused on traveling the world with children (family travel). We are convinced that bringing children traveling is a great investment in thier education and future.

Our series of videos is aimed at showing parents how much fun it can be to travel with kids and also to entertain children, educate them, and inspire curiosity about the world.

Our list of future destinations will evolve over the next few weeks. Please see the Videos section for all our current episodes.


kidfullThe Kid Trotter

The Kid Trotter is a 5 year old (half French/ half Irish) girl called Enya. Just like all children her age she has a profound curiosity for the world around her. She loves to have fun, play games and of course eat ice cream.

And she loves to travel. Having heard so much from her mom and dad about their travels, and having been initiated to globe trotting from a very young age she regularly asks her mom and dad to travel more ….

She has already travelled throughout France, Ireland, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Canada and Vietnam. She is looking forward to many more adventures travelling the world on her little pink (kick) scooter.


The Mom Trotter


The Mom Trotter is a French TV Journalist with extensive experience in national and international TV and press. Ever since she self financed and forced her mother to send her to England when she was 15, travel has been a cornerstone of her life. Multi Lingual, she has an unquenchable thirst for culture . If wanderlust was liquid then it would be running through her veins.

As her occupation would suggest she is the perfectionist in the ’Trotter family’. She looks after the 'mother stuff’ : medications, toiletries, worrying, making sure the other two are not up to any mischief etc etc

She has travelled all over the world for both professional and personal reasons and is eager to do like wise with her family. She is usually planning trips at least 2 in advance : )


The Dad Trotter


The Dad Trotter is Irish. He has a long and extensive background in internet development and multimedia. He has also worked in TV and written press. He likes to travel light. He tries to optimise things to the max. He is constantly trying to reduce the Mom Trotters luggage size to make the whole operation more nimble, however he does end up using her toothpaste, (sometimes) toothbrush, shampoo, socks and her big 70l bag to store things (like his dirty trail running shoes)

He is not allowed to use the Mom Trotter’s hair brush though, which you will no doubt notice : )

He loves endurance sport and has a very busy ultra marathon calendar and tries to dictate the Trotter family’s travel plans around some epic races like UTMB in France, El Cruce in Chile or Diagonal des Fous on Reunion Island. If you see any early morning footage in foreign countrysides or mountains then it is no doubt when The Kid and Mom Trotter are wrapped up in bed !


Hello and welcome to our site !

We are a family of globetrotters traveling the world and producing a unique and fun travel video program detailing our adventures. The main aim of this initiative is to open kids up to other cultures and and also to show parents that foreign travel is one of the best investments in childrens future.

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